Take control of your Genos

Updated, intuitive interface and external display connectivity provide an enhanced performance experience

The Genos has always been a unique tool for performance and creativity, and we at Yamaha are constantly striving to find new ways for you to get the most out this versatile instrument. Update 1.4 offers you more control over the entire instrument, with player-friendly improvements that enhance the entire performance experience.

Featuring intuitive changes to the user interface, expanded USB capabilities, and more capacity for your compositions, this update is a part of our ongoing commitment to continuing the Genos journey together with you.

Enjoy the benefits of a newly redesigned home screen that offers a complete overview of what’s happening on your Genos, revamped category-based assignment of functions to control knobs, USB-based connectivity to external displays, and expanded capacity for MIDI songs. With all of this and more, we guarantee that you’ve never had this much control of your Genos.

Home Display Improvement - Real-Time Awareness

Enjoy a complete overview of your Genos, letting you concentrate on what’s important—your performance. The newly redesigned Home screen now offers information to give you at-a-glance comprehension of what’s happening as you play.

1.Bar/Beat/Tempo: Displays the current position (bar/beat/tempo) in Style playback or MIDI Song playback.

2.Upper Octave/Transpose: Displays the amount that the upper octave value is shifted, and the amount of master transposition in semitone units

3.Song area: Displays the information of Time Signature, Tempo, the current position of Song.

4.Style area: The current position of the section playback, Tempo Lock.

Display Output

The new 1.4 update brings enhanced USB capabilities to the Genos. Connect a USB display adaptor to an external monitor via the [USB to DEVICE] terminal to show lyrics, scores, or other text.

Display Output

User Interface Improvement - Live Control / Assignable

A new category-based interface makes assigning functions to the control knobs and buttons a simple, intuitive process. Update 1.4 makes even more functions assignable, all divided into easy-to-follow categories that make finding and assigning them a quick and easy process that you can perform on the fly if necessary.

Live Control

Assignable function

User Inter face improvement : pop-up

The updated interface features on-screen pop-up windows displaying the results of any operations you make with them.

MIDI song max capacity per file

We have expanded the maximum size for MIDI song files to 3 MB, ten times the previous limit of 300 KB!