FLX UC 500 USB Conference Phone for Enteprise

Fills the conference room with high quality speaker sound

In conference rooms sized for up to 8 - 10 people, speaker audio can be heard by every meeting partici-pant; the UC 500’s powerful speaker can fill the entire conference room with crystal-clear audio.

Complete 360° room microphone coverage

Every word by the meeting participants is picked up and transmitted to the far end by the four embedded directional microphones.

Full Duplex

Participants on every endpoint can communicate natu-rally as if they are in the same room; the technology in the UC 500 supports simultaneous audio playback and audio capture ensuring every word is heard.

Third-party application support

Easily integrates with your choice of 3rd party applications for collaboration and conferencing; the additional FLX UC Device Manager provides call control for hang up and answer direct-ly from the device using the intuitive capacitive touch buttons.

Integrated acoustic echo cancellation

The meeting participant speaking has his audio picked up and transmitted clearly. Built-in digital signal processing sep-arates the speech of the meeting participant from the room noise and audio output from the speakers to ensure only the correct audio is transmitted to the far end. Real discussions between conference participants are finally possible.

Stylish and functionally designed for small spaces

Innovative design provides quality audio in a smaller form factor, taking up less table space.