VXL Series "P model"

Dante PoE powered speaker system

With audio distributed via a Dante network and PoE power* supplied from a PoE compliant L2 switch, the speaker system can be constructed as a network, allowing existing IT infrastructure to be effectively utilized. Simple wiring via LAN cables, easy installation, and no need for a power amp contribute to the flexibility of installation, allowing you to construct an elegant sound system that will not interfere with the design of the conference room.

* When using an IEEE802.3at compliant PoE power supply device, the maximum speaker output is 15W; when using an IEEE802.3af compliant PoE power supply device, the maximum speaker output is 6W.

Sound quality and design to match conference room requirements

The VXL1-16P is equipped with 16 drivers. A line array configuration is used, placing the audio sources linearly to reduce sound dispersion in the vertical direction, thereby limiting reflections from the ceiling and walls, and preventing sound energy from being dispersed, ensuring that clear sound can be delivered to long distance. The drivers are 3.75 cm (1.5 inch) full-range units that extravagantly use neodymium magnets, and are placed in a slim enclosure (chassis) that is 5.4 cm wide. This allows easy installation even in locations that have various limitations on placement space, without impairing the décor of the office conference room.

Flexible Installation Options

In addition to the supplied wall-mount brackets, a comprehensive range of optional hardware is available for convenient system mounting and setup in just about any environment. In addition to the WMB-L1 wall mount bracket with vertical and horizontal angle adjustment capability, HCB-L1 bracket for horizontal speaker coupling, and PA-L1B pole mount adaptor is suitable for pole diameter of 35 mm.

VXL1W-16P with included bracket

VXL1W-16P with PA-L1B (A pole is not included)

VXL1W-16P with WMB-L1

HCB-L1B used in common with WMB‑L1 (Left), HCB-L1B used in common with PA-L1B (Right)

Wireless control on iPad

This product can be remotely controlled from a "ProVisionaire Touch" custom control panel for the iPad via a Wi-Fi network. For example, operations such as adjusting the volume balance of conference audio that's input to an MRX7-D signal processor and raising the speaker volume can be performed from a single screen of an iPad.

Intelligent L2 switch with Dante optimization function and PoE power supply

The "SWR2311P-10G" is an intelligent L2 switch that provides the ideal functionality for the "Dante" audio network, allowing construction of a stable network that simplifies settings, monitoring, management, and operation. When you connect the VXL1-16P to the SWR2311P-10G, optimal settings for Dante are made automatically via LLDP that is a protocol for passing system management data between a device and its neighboring device. PoE compliant ports can supply a maximum of 30W for all ports simultaneously.Using the dedicated "Yamaha LAN Monitor" software allows quick troubleshooting; you can check the PoE power supply status, turn the PoE power supply, and use the snapshot function to inform you whether a fault has occurred by detecting any difference in the state of the network since it was set up. The web GUI provides a full range of monitoring functionality, including dead/alive monitoring settings for PoE devices, allowing you to restart the PoE device if a fault occurs, or informing you via email of a fault. Using them with the "MRX7-D" Dante-network-enabled signal processor allows an intelligent conference room system to be constructed.