YCL-631 Alto Clarinet

Consistently relaxed tone, reducing burden on the body

Warm tone for outstanding projection

Leather pads are chosen after extensive testing with emphasis on sound quality.

These pads afford smooth breath flow and stress-free playing while making it easier to produce beautiful, warm tone.

Because the surfaces of the pads do not vibrate when the instrument is played, no spurious pad noise occurs.

Thanks to a good seal, breath flows directly toward the bell for outstanding projection.

Reduce the amount of weight the player must support

The peg attaches to the instrument at an angle, making it easier to support the clarinet only with peg and right hand thumb.

Crafted using advanced metal forming technology

Bell and neck are crafted using advanced metal forming technology developed over many years of Yamaha brass instrument production.

High-register intonation accuracy

The tone hole position results in improved high-register intonation accuracy.

Smooth assembly

Keys are durable and long-lasting, and key joints features the original Yamaha design, which allows smooth assembly.