CT-9000-serie Tomtoms

Size Structure

We adopted a size structure based on the proportional relation between diameter and depth, which is “For every 1 inch increase in diameter, increase the depth by 1/2 inch”. As a result, we successfully achieved the classical tone and lingering depth which is fundamentally different from that of existing concert toms. Solving a conventional problem that tonal color and length of sustain differ between toms, this model offers a perfect unity in tone and sustain as a whole set, which gives you a higher level of expressivity. It also has a wide tuning range from high to low register to allow you to produce various types of sound that is required in classical music.* 6-inch diameter tom is designed with shallow depth with its special use in mind.


The YESS mount system has evolved once again, delivering further improvements in tonal purity and open sound without compromising the natural resonance of the shell in any way. And as with previous YESS systems the drum attaches securely to the stand.

Oak Shells

Oak shells deliver sharp, powerful attack, impressive tonal depth, and beautifully balanced sustain. The exterior finish emphasizes the oak grain for elegant visual appeal.

Air-Seal System Shells

The shells are produced utilizing the Air-Seal System. This process ensures that shells start round and stay round; an in-round shell tunes clearer and provides a pure fundamental tone.

WS-865A Stand

The CT-8000 Series are available with the WS-865A heavy-duty stand. The stand features double braced legs for stability.

Darkwood Stain

Perfect for all symphonic situations.