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During this past year, many schools or education sectors have adopted a hybrid system to meet the new demands in the education sector. Whilst many of the students are in the classroom, it is now a reality that others will follow the lessons from home.


During this past year, many schools or education sectors have adopted a hybrid system to meet the new demands in the education sector. Whilst many of the students are in the classroom, it is now a reality that others will follow the lessons from home. This new education system will likely become a kind of standard in the future.

Whether its down to health, environmental reasons or personal circumstances, with the hybrid solution in place, students will be able to make quick decisions as to whether they want attend live or remotely.

The missing link: An easy to setup and simple to use infrastructure for hybrid teaching.

Here Yamaha shows how to easily and cost-effectively make rooms fit for hybrid teaching and thus make classes lively and interactive. Our main focus is on quality of sound, because without audio it is very difficult to communicate, and for the audience to concentrate.

Prepare yourself with the right equipment


A simple setup to make a conventional classroom fit for the new hybrid education.

Excellent intelligibility

Easy setup

Platform independent


When teaching takes place in a large classroom and the teacher moves around the room or additional sound sources are to be integrated.

Excellent speech intelligibility in rooms with up to 40 people.

Powerful voice amplification and superb music reproduction

Connections to accommodate additional audio sources, such as musical instruments


To enable stress-free communication in open areas as well as hybrid group work, Yamaha uses SoundCap technology.

Simple and portable

Perfect for staff rooms and open areas

Cancellation of distracting sounds


For traditional conference or small meeting rooms, when all participants at the table and those connected via video should be visible at the same time and optimal speech intelligibility is important.

The beamforming microphone array follows the speaker for best speech intelligibility.

For smaller rooms up to 6 persons. With extension microphone up to 8 persons

Easy to integrate into existing equipment and can be connected using only one cable


A flexible solution for large spaces such as an auditorium, perfect for recording an event or streaming on the web

Flexible solution with all major components

Excellent speech intelligibility on site and for participants on the network

Effortlessly integrateable into existing multimedia systems and setups


All students, whether present or at home, should be able to understand the teacher in the best way possible. With the compact and flexible YVC-1000 - expandable with up to four additional YVC-MIC1000EX microphones – guarantees clear communication. Simply connect to a PC/laptop and a camera to experience the best sound for hybrid teaching.


A larger classroom requires suitable tools that are equally suited for both live and remote use. The YVC-1000 combined with up to 5 x YVC-MIC1000EX microphones and a Line 6 wireless microphone system provides excellent intelligibility amd flexibility. The addition of a Stagepas 400BT portable PA system with its integrated mixing console, ensures that the teacher can easily understand students who join in remotely. It also makes it possible to easily connect additional audio sources To further enhance the distance learning experience, an extra webcam or smartboard / display can be added.


Quick conversations in everyday work are increasingly replaced by firmly arranged meetings in teams or pairs. To create a comfortable conversation situation, without headsets or headphones, the Yamaha YVC-330 Speakerphone is the ideal solution. Simply connect the device to a laptop via USB and the special Yamaha Soundcap technology reduces external noise, so it can also be used in open areas such as the teachers' lounge.


To enable the most comprehensive communication in sound and vision even in smaller rooms, an integrated solution such as Yamaha's CS-700 Video Collaboration Soundbar, which can be extended with an additional microphone if required, is the ideal solution. The teacher can fully focus on the lesson or teachers conference and be sure that the students or colleagues can follow the lesson. The combination of a camera, microphone and soundbar enables high attention and can easily be used with a large screen and computer or laptop


In order to capture lectures or concerts from an auditorium in the best possible way while also amplifying them live, a combination of a Line 6 wireless system with handheld microphone or headset plus a DBR10, DBR12 or DBR15 active loudspeaker system is ideal (depending on the room size). An MG10XU mixer ensures optimal tuning of the sound sources and transmission to a streaming or conference platform. Additional instruments or sound sources can easily be integrated. By using a camera and a tripod, live streams can be created in which the speaker interacts naturally with the viewers on the network, if a return channel for viewers is provided.

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The YVC-330 is a USB & Bluetooth speakerphone for open workspaces and small to medium-sized conference rooms. With the SoundCap mode, you can transform quiet conference rooms, noisy open workspaces, and any office area into a comfortable remote communication space.


USB- en bluetooth-luidsprekertelefoon voor grotere vergaderruimten


The optional microphone for YVC-1000/YVC-1000MS.

Yamaha Mixing Console MG10XU


10-Channel Mixing Console: Max. 4 Mic / 10 Line Inputs (4 mono + 3 stereo) / 1 Stereo Bus / 1 AUX (incl. FX)


400 watt, draagbaar PA-systeem met 8-kanaals mixer met versterker, twee 8-inch (20 cm) luidsprekers, Bluetooth®-invoer, SPX digitale nagalm, een ingebouwde rondzingonderdrukker en een veelzijdige EQ.



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