Setting up Cisco SG300

Setting Multiple Switches (Copying settings)

After you have finished configuring the settings for one switch, you can copy those settings to other switches. To configure settings more efficiently and to keep backup switches, we recommend that you use switches that are from the same manufacturer and preferably are of the same model.

First, in the following page, you can back up the settings of a switch that you have finished configuring by saving them as a text file on your PC.

Setting Multiple Switches (Copying settings)

Next, log in to the switch that you want to copy the settings to, and in the following page, specify the setting file that you saved, and load it into the switch.

Finally, we recommend that you change the switch IP address. By assigning different IP addresses, such as and, to each switch (while keeping the network address the same), you can enable a PC connected to VLAN 1 to monitor and configure either of the switches. For information about how to change the IP address of a switch, see “Preparing to Configure a Network Switch."

The copying of the switch settings is complete. Don’t forget to save the settings after you download or change them.