The SWP2 series network switch with 10G uplink ports allows a Dante optimized setup and VLAN presets to be recalled by flipping DIP switches.


De netwerkswitch uit de SWP1-serie zorgt dat een Dante-geoptimaliseerde setup en VLAN-presets kunnen worden opgeroepen door DIP-switches om te zetten.

Yamaha L3 Switch SWX3220 / SWX2320

SWX3220 / SWX2320

Standard L3 switch and Intelligent L2 switch with 10-Gigabit/Multi-Gigabit port to flexibly meet the varied needs of large networks.

Yamaha SWR2310


Intelligent L2 switches with multiple ports for safe, stable backbone operation in large-scale systems. 10G uplink ports available for the upper models.


Intelligent L2 switch with Dante optimization function and PoE power supply.


SWR2100P series L2 switch supplies power to PoE-enabled devices on the network.