Enhancing The Experience - Creating A Comfortable Atmosphere For Hotel Guests

The Best Western Plus hotel in Indore, central India, offers state-of-the-art accommodation and services for both business and leisure travellers. In its restaurant and bar areas, a Yamaha audio system provides both soothing background music, creating a comfortable atmosphere for travellers, as well as high quality sound reinforcement for live entertainment.

The hotel management wanted a visually discreet audio solution, which would match the interior but with no compromise on sound quality. Delivering high quality background music, the ability to also handle events like parties and smaller live performances would allow the hotel to expand the use of the restaurant space. An important factor was that, with the bar area being glass-fronted, here an alternative was needed to wall-mounted speakers.

Vinayak Luthra of Indore-based Audiocratz Sound & Light Solutions was commissioned to design and supply the system. After auditioning speakers from several manufacturers and considering various designs to ensure the system would not intrude on the aesthetics of the space, he chose a Yamaha solution.

Four VXS8 two-way, surface-mount speakers, driven by a PX3 amplifier, were installed in the restaurant for background music. In addition, sound reinforcement for live performances was catered for by DHR12M, two-way bi-amped loudspeakers and DXS18-XLF powered subwoofers, with mixing for performers on an MG10XU mixing console. Audio for live events is also routed through the VXS8s.

In the bar area, Yamaha's new VXH series pendant speakers were the ideal solution, thanks to their audio quality, volume and ease of installation. The VXH8 two-way speakers were installed, along with VXS3F compact, full-range surface mount units and an NS-SW300 powered subwoofer. This system provided the necessary volume and sound quality to provide a pleasant atmosphere, without interrupting the conversation of guests.

Mahendra Singh Rajput, the hotel manager, says "The solution provided by Yamaha and Audiocratz has completely lived up to my expectations. The speakers blend well with the hotel's aesthetics and the amazing sound quality really enhances the customer experience."

Indore, India

Yamaha Mixing Console MG10XU


10-kanaals mengpaneel: Max. 4 mic- / 10 lijningangen (4 mono + 3 stereo) / 1 Stereo-bus / 1 AUX (incl. FX)


De veelzijdige PX-serie eindversterkers combineert intelligente processing met een hoog uitgangsvermogen om te voldoen aan de eisen van een breed scala aan geluidsversterkingsomgevingen.

Yamaha Powered Loudspeakers DHR Series

DHR Series

The DHR Series powered loudspeakers provide versatility and premium quality with a lineup of three different models delivering up to 1,000 W Class-D power and equipped with plywood enclosures and practical features that have been optimized to deliver superb performance in a wide range of sound reinforcement environments.

DXS XLF Series

New flagship models of high-performance powered subwoofers combine intelligent 96 kHz DSP processor with best-in-class 2000 W Class-D amplifiers. Our first ever Dante models offer sophisticated system integration with digital consoles.


8" cone woofer with a 1" soft dome tweeter


Compact surface-mount speakers elegantly blend into any interior décor (Low-impedance models)

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Yamaha pendant speakers VXH Series

VXH Series

VXH series pendant-mount speakers for commercial installations combine stunning sound quality with refined visual design.