In the past year, many schools and education sectors introduced hybrid teaching to meet new demands in the education sector. In this scenario, some of the learners are in the classroom, while others follow the lessons from home. It became apparent that, in addition to the appropriate infrastructure, there was often a lack of suitable equipment or systems that could be easily used by teachers in the classroom and provide good sound quality.

As this new form of teaching is likely to become established as a complement to face-to-face teaching, Yamaha has launched the 'Fit for Hybrid Teaching' initiative. Yamaha shows how to equip class rooms for hybrid teaching easily and cost-effectively, ensuring a lively and interactive learning experience. For Yamaha, the main focus is on sound quality and speech intelligibility, as these form the basis for all communication, knowledge transfer and focused learning. But of course, the proper sound for music lessons is not neglected.

In addition, as part of the campaign, selected distributors are offering special deals and bundles with other products for the new form of hybrid teaching.

In the future, everyone should be able to follow the curriculum or participate in events, even if personal attendance is not possible for health reasons or due to the weather.