As the year is coming to a close, we would like to take this chance to say thank you to all our Genos owners.

Following the introduction of version 1.4 ,we released Genos Version 2.0 along with the Superior Pack. This gave Genos owners new features, for example such as Chord Looper and Style Section Reset, as well as 50 Styles and more than 60 Voices covering many musical genres. We were sorry to hear that some customers experienced trouble when updating which appears to have been related to specific data. As a result, we are happy to introduce Version 2.01.

In addition, 35 additional Genos Styles inspired by the new PSR-SX series. These Styles are optimised for Genos and sound incredible with Revo!Drums. Please check out our “Downloads” section to get these 35 Styles for free.

As well, we prepared 11 new videos for Version 2.0 and Superior Pack:

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.