Available now! The Yamaha recorder pack with FluteMaster.

Yamaha’s popular YRS-23 and YRS-24B recorders are now available with the FluteMaster app.

A fun and colourful game where you will learn how to play a real instrument, you and the little pirate Oratio will help the dragon Cornelius protect his tower of strawberries from the greedy bats.

You’ll play a lot of unique music tracks that gradually teach you each note on your recorder.

By the time you finish the game, you’ll be a true master of the recorder!

Yamaha’s YRS-23 (German system) and YRS-24B (baroque system) are easy to play, offer a clear soft tone and make learning music fun!

Together with Yamaha’s recorders, the FluteMaster app offers you:

• 30 original music tracks composed by a musical education professional.

• Real-time detection of the instrument, using your microphone.

• An amusing story with cute characters.

• Music sheet play along for each track.

• Recorder notes associated with colours, for easier recognition.

• Interactive learning system for finger positioning.

• A scoring system that encourages self-improvement.

• Available in English, Portuguese, German, Spanish and French.

• Also ready for classroom use.

So try to score as many points as possible and scare away those bats!

The pack includes the recorder, recorder bag and a code card to unlock the FluteMaster app.

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Start learning today by visiting your local Yamaha wind instrument dealer.