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Yamaha Enjoys Sky High Slovak Success

Fast jets, amazing aerobatics and classic warbirds have an enduring appeal to aviation fans and families alike. One of Europe’s premier air shows is the annual Slovak International Air Fest (SIAF) and, this year, the Slovak Aviation Agency added a new air festival to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the death of celebrated Slovakian politician, diplomat and aviator General Milan Rastislav Štefánik. Yamaha audio systems were an essential part of both events.

Cooking, Cocktails and Consistent Sound at Madrid’s Alboroto

Since starting the business in 2015, the group of young entrepreneurial friends who formed Madrid’s highly successful Lalala Group has already opened 12 bar/restaurants. The latest, on the city’s fashionable Calle de la Princesa, features a Yamaha audio system which is keeping both customers and the city council happy.

Yamaha System Makes Waves At Dutch Swimming Complex

The 2019 heatwave in northern Europe meant that swimming pools were in extra-high demand this summer. Fortunately for the residents of Purmerend, the Dutch town has one of the Netherlands’ largest swimming complexes and a new Yamaha audio system to make the many activities it hosts even more enjoyable.

Yamaha VOCALOID:AI™ reproduceert getrouw de zang van de legendarische Japanse vocaliste Hibari Misora

HAMAMATSU, JAPAN, 8 oktober ― Yamaha Corporation kondigt aan dat het erin is geslaagd het zingen van wijlen Hibari Misora, een legendarische Japanse vocaliste, te reproduceren met behulp van Yamaha's eigen VOCALOID:AI-zangsynthesetechnologie in technische samenwerking met een televisieprogramma van NHK (Japanse publieke omroeporganisatie) uitgezonden in Japan op 29 september, als zowel het publieke debuut als de eerste praktische implementatie van VOCALOID:AI.