Özgür Can Öney


Özgür Can  Öney

Özgür Can Öney started to play drums with his first band ” Reblos ” when he was in high school.

About drumming his first teacher was Gürcan Konanç , he learnt notation and syncopation from him. In his early years at university he started to play in bar gigs with his close friends , at first they called this cover band ” Garnitür ” , and then name changed to “70′lik ”

In 1999 he also joined to Deli Gömleği ( strait jacket ) , he played in two demos and lots of bar gigs , university fests . At the same time he created and played music for theater groups from Ankara University Law and Pharmacy faculties.

He joined to maNga at the end of the 2001.

In 2004 maNga moved to istanbul and started to studio sessions , recordings for their first album . At the end of 2004 , after releasing their debut , they made a great success and gave lots of concerts in Turkey and Europe .

At the same time Özgür worked on drumming with the help of Okan Duman an then Cengiz Baysal.

With maNga’s second album , they won the Ema ( best european act ) and then they became 2. in Eurovision song contest.

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The recent introduction of the Oak Custom by Yamaha sent a shudder through the drum industry. For low end that shakes the floors, crisp highs that penetrate, and mids that ring through the mix, insist on the power of oak.

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