Minh-Tâm Nguyen

Passionate about new technologies, sound research, image and movement, Minh-Tâm Nguyen deepens the exploration of constantly changing artistic multiverses as a percussionist/dancer in close collaboration with performers and composers. The success achieved during his various collaborations allows him to perform at various festivals and theatres in France and abroad, productions brought him to London, Sydney, Los Angeles, Nashville, Tokyo, Wellington, Seoul, Taipei, New York, Warsaw, Nicosia, Lyon, Paris, Strasbourg, Marseilles, Toulouse, Bordeaux. He regularly receives invitations for masterclasses both nationally and internationally, enabling young talents to grow and develop their own musical and artistic profile.

Minh-Tâm is Artistic Director of Percussions de Strasbourg and was appointed Head of Percussion at National Superior Conservatory of Music and Dance Lyon.

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Range: 5 octaves (C-c4), Bars: Rosewood


Bars: Gold mirror finish aluminium alloy


Dubbele tomtoms met eiken ketel.