Jaka Lipar

Jaka recorded all 4 albums for the singer Omar, the first one was also best-selling album in Slovenia. Omar represented Slovenia on Eurovision song contest in Kiev, Ukraine in 2005 with his hit single STOP. Together they played 400+ concerts all over the Europe from London, Moscow to Vienna. Jaka played for the singer Andraž Hribar as well and also for different hip hop artists from Slovenia. He is now playing, besides in Omar Naber's band, in The Fakerrs (rock'n'roll cover band), in DDV (Maki Ramone's punk rock) and in Astrid Lindgren (indie rock underground). He is also a drums teacher in Little school of R'N'R in elementary school teaching 50+ kids individually. He made his own beginner’s drum manual DRUMS 1 2 3 4 and invented special drum notes, charts especially for kids. Jaka recorded albums for different Slovenian musicians and is a studio artist as well. Jaka prefers pop, funk, rock and punk music. “Yamaha drums and hardware are the best choice for a drummer, excellent sound and easy to use.”